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Donate to BLN With These Cards

These cards are prints of a young local artist who is also a member of the Buffalo Lake Naturalist Club. 

With each card purchased, one dollar ($1.00) will be donated to BLNC.

Price per card: $3.50

Contact Simone at 1(587)223-4896 to purchase your choice of one or more cards. Please remember to provide your mailing info to have them shipped to you.

Card 1.jpeg

House Sparrow

Card 2.jpeg

Pine Grosbeak

Card 5.jpeg

Eared Grebe with chick

Card 8.jpeg

Red-necked Grebe with chicks

Card 7.jpeg

American Robin

Card 4.jpeg

Great Blue Heron

Card 3.jpeg

Black-capped Chickadee

Card 6.jpeg

Pileated Woodpecker

Card 9.jpeg

Canada Gray Jay

Card 10.jpeg

White Pelican

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