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Dry Island Buffalo Jump Butterfly Count

Charley Bird July 5th 2015

For a complete report click below
Pelican Rescue

Chris Pfeifle June 2015


On the 18th of June, I noticed a pelican that was sitting in the cattails opposite the boat launch. I took a couple of photos of it and didn't think much of it. A while later I was talking to a fisherman whom I knew liked to take photos of the pelicans. I showed him the pelican and he noticed it seemed to be caught up in some fishing line.

I enlisted  the help of some university students, (Brandon Baer, Daina Anderson, Jen Gleason, and Adam Kraft) that were staying at the Park. Adam and I, took two kayaks and managed to free the pelican. He swam away seemingly no worse for his ordeal.

The photos were taken by Brandon Baer.

Purple Martin Tour

Chris Pfeifle June 2015


On June 20th, 5 of the members of the club traveled to Delia to visit with David and Connie at their beautiful home. There we received a tour and instruction on Purple Martins. We helped removed parasites from young chicks and were treated to coffee and snacks. Tim Schowalter continued on to the Red Deer River and conducted a tour at that site.

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