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  • Karin Lindquist

Rochon Sands BLN Picnic: A Day for Nature and Community

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Friends and members of Buffalo Lake Nature Club dug out our camping chairs, took up the picnic tables, and had a good chat about current events with the nature happenings in Alberta. It would be our last meeting for the summer before we would meet again in September.

Sadly, no one took a picture of the very friendly Franklin's Ground-squirrel that made sure to check under each chair and picnic table to see if we left any goodies behind.

After our picnic and meeting, Alex Steinhubl and I took several people on a botany tour where we discussed the various native plant species present around Rochon Sands (Stettler County). There was much to share in the medicinal and edible properties of different species, and in understanding what they would be commonly called.

For instance. plantain (Plantago major) is excellent as a mosquito deterrent and a means to stimulate the salivary glands when chewed if you are feeling thirsty.

It was a wonderful day, and we look forward to the next get-together soon!


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