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  • Tim Schowalter

Wildlife Observations Near Drumheller, May 2020

We are NE of Drumheller. Worried about lack of native bees this spring. Lots of blossoms on haskaps and Nanking cherries but only 6 to 8 bumble bees at best. Other native species absent. No bees gathering pollen in the willows earlier. Worrisome as we usually have a good number and variety of native species. Have others made similar observations. Might make for poor berry crops among other problems.

17 May:

1. Mixed flocks of Chipping and Clay-coloured Sparrows going through. National Geographic bird books mentions that the two species often migrate together.

2. First American Goldfinches at feeder. On the 19th there were 8 males and one female.

18 May:

Last White-crowned Sparrow at feeder. Number had dropped off the last few days.

19 May:

See straggler Sandhill Crane and Tundra Swan on wetlands west of Byemoor.

I have attached a picture of a Clay-coloured Sparrow at the finch feeder. Can get decent results with point and shoot camera if there is good light and one is close.

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