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World Migratory Bird Day of 2020

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Hello, fellow nature-lovers,

Just swooping in to bring exciting news about World Migratory Bird Day 2020!

More than ever, Canadians need nature and each other, and, as nature organizations, we are uniquely positioned to unite bird lovers from coast to coast to coast! This year, host an online photo-sharing event for your supporters, and join the call asking decision-makers to defend migratory birds and the diverse places they call home! Join this cross-Canada movement—we’ll also add you to our interactive map of events taking place across the country!

These events are a great way to grow your network, a fun way to socialize and come together digitally to appreciate the spring arrival of migratory birds, share some knowledge and raise your voices for the birds you love. Plus, what better way to prove that this year's theme- Birds Connect Our World- is more true than ever! With online video-sharing platforms, it has never been easier to host a virtual celebration of your own, bring together your local community of naturalists, and celebrate birds.

Birds the Word: Has Evolved!

If you haven’t checked it out has been completely revamped and now hosts more interactive resources than ever before! Go check it out and explore the thoughtfully curated resources, sign up to host an event and get placed on the map, or take a moment to share our petition to defend birds and bird habitat! This is your all-in-one place for all things World Migratory Bird Day!

You’ve got a friend in… Nature Canada

All the Best,

The Bird Day Team Nature Canada's mailing address:

Nature Canada

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